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Casual Photography


When it comes to capturing memorable moments, photography has totally re-invented weddings. Even more so, if a wedding is meant to take place in one of the top wedding destinations in the Mediterranean. Santorini offers unique views to the caldera and the infamous volcano, surrounded by the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, all of this resting under the shades of the Meditteranean sun. What a better place to be inspired and let go of the traditional ways?

So, if you want a lot of candid, non-posed, capture-the-emotion-as-it-happens-the-first-time shots, photojournalism is here to save the day. Capturing the action as it unfolds, the true emotions, the real expressions, the happiness, and joy of people, the true face of the island. White washed villages such as Fira and Imerovigli, splashes of blue coming from the church domes across the island, the wild beauty, the fascinating Caldera, the gold sunset of Oia, all captured along with your own special moments.

Surely, you won't see any posed portraits of your guests. No frozen smiles and common -stand here and do this- photos of people overlooking the Caldera, but well-timed un-posed and natural looking images, almost on a documentary approach. Also, the landscape varies dramatically as you travel around the island, so you'll have your choice of backdrops.

The results are emotional and artistic photos showing the essence of the wedding day, giving you the chance to remember your special day the way it really happened.

There are no strict rules for photojournalism, it is all about your vision, either it's a little flower girl having some fun during the ceremony, or some of your guests resting in the shade of a picturesque church dome.

It is all those defining attributes that make Santorini a unique setting for your "I dos".