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David & Maria | Wedding at Danna Villas in Firostefani – Santorini

Ah, the way we love now. Couples that met online represent the perfect marriage - excuse the pun - of technology and romance. For Maria and David, it is far more than that. An internet affair that ended up in their own happy ever after. They first met in 2012 via a social network and a few weeks later they had their first date on an airport and they instantly became inseparable.

It seems that David, an artistic gymnast, is doing a pretty good job at winning medals as well as hearts, since the same exact day he won a silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, he proposed to Maria! An autumn wedding was yet to come and the sunny scenery of Santorini seemed like the perfect wedding destination.

The ceremony took place at the Dana Villas wedding venue followed by an incredible fireworks display and later on, the wedding reception was held at Pyrgos Restaurant were few close friends and relatives attended. You could see from everyone's happy, emotional expressions what a special day this had become, a joy I welcomed too, thinking myself as part of the celebration.